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A Few PrestaShop Design Tips: The Home Page

Without getting entangled in complex theories about the interactions between man and machine, today we’re looking at how you can make your e-store accessible to as many customers as possible. Your goal should be to encourage visitor trust in your store to the point of making a sale. Read more

Finding the Right Suppliers for Your PrestaShop Store

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when they dive into the world of e-commerce is how to build a network of reliable, trustworthy suppliers. If you take the time to properly research suppliers, you’ll increase your chances of a successful outcome. Here are our tips to help you:

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Create a buzz with offline advertising!

In order for an online business to be successful, it must make itself known to consumers. It’s logical to use online marketing techniques, but e-tailers can also open up new possibilities by making the most of offline marketing too.

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PrestaShop’s E-store of the week : Anima Athletica

Anima Athletica represents a new concept in retailing for women’s sports clothing and accessoires. The Anima Athletica website offers a selection of premium brands and products, all combining high-tech performance with undeniable style.

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The New School Year Means Increased Consumer Spending

Did you know the average American family spends anywhere from $300 to $1000 per child on school supplies at the beginning of each new year. Crazy, we know, but as parents prepare themselves to shell out the dough, online merchants should be getting ready to take advantage of this increase in consumer spending. Read more

Another French Fashion Mogul Chooses PrestaShop

Bouton de Manchette Paris is a boutique that specializes in selling designer cufflinks. This traditional men’s accessory is becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores all over the world, and this fact spawned the idea for Bouton de Manchette.

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How to create a strong logo for your PrestaShop store

A logo is a unique image by which we can immediately identify different companies.

In any company, including online businesses, a good logo is critical to the growth of your brand. A strong logo will create a clear visual identity. A weak logo is forgettable and will cost you time an money. Read more

Discover the success story ! is none other than the official store of the Ritchie brand, a well-known name in male fashion for over 20 years. A store window displaying the entire Ritchie collection, also offers permanent deals of up to 50% off previous seasons’ collections! The aim of this French e-store is to give fashionable and budget-conscious Internet users the chance to access the brand’s latest styles.

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