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5 Secrets for Better Ecommerce Conversions

No matter how big (or small) your online store, you’re always looking to convert visitors. Your conversion rate is essentially the life line of your online business. Ecommerce conversions cover a wide range of activities from purchasing products to subscribing to newsletters. Each of these actions show that visitors are not just interested but want to engage with you.

Since your success as an ecommerce merchant depends on conversion, I’m helping you by sharing the 5 secrets for better ecommerce conversions.

1. Mobile Friendly

Google and Nielsen conducted a study last year to learn more about shoppers and their use of mobile. They found that 93% of people who used mobile to research a product go on to make a purchase. Yes, 93%! To convert these mobile shoppers, your store has to be easily accessible on mobile devices. Every mobile friendly site should:

•  Have big buttons for easy use
•  Fit into a smartphone-sized screen
•  Load quickly with mobile internet speeds

2. Stunning Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure yours say, “Shop!” We understand that not all online merchants are photographers by trade. So we’ve come up with simple ways to improve product images:

•  Use the right image quality – they should not be pixelated nor take too long to load
•  Allow customers to zoom in to get a better view or to examine a particular detail.
•  Have consistent backgrounds – Looking for a budget-friendly way? Remove the background.
•  Learn even more in our article on how to Improve Product Photos for your Online Store.


3. Powerful Searchability

Help customers find exactly what they want … or another site will. Having a search bar is a great start but is only helpful if customers know exact names of your product. PrestaShop makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for with both front and back office tools.

•  In the front office, you can allow customers to filter by product attributes such as color, price, or size to help narrow down your product catalog.
•  From the back office, you can refine common search terms by directing them to words you use. For example, when a customer searches “XS” you can direct them to the results page for “extra small”.

4. Effortless Shopping

Make shopping on your site effortless by offering helpful tools throughout your site for a better shopping experience.

•  Allow side by side product comparisons – Beyond that, PrestaShop creates unique links for product comparison so that your customers can share it with friends to get their input or bookmark it to view it later.
•  Offering complementary products, commonly known as cross selling. If you’re selling wine, ask if they want glasses for that type of wine. Or if a customer adds an MP3 player to their cart, suggest that they add the matching case or headphones to their order. People forget things all the time, this is a nice way to help them complete their purchases and increase your average cart value!

5. Incentivize

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Attract customers who are on the fence with enticing incentives by:

•  Offering— The types of ecommerce incentives you offer depends on the types of conversions you’re trying to achieve. Get customers to subscribe to your newsletter by offering free shipping with their first order. Convince visitors to share your site with friends by giving rewards for each additional person they recruit with the link. Finally, get customers to shop by offering them a discount for purchases.
•  Promoting — After all, if no one knows about the promo, does it really exist? With all types of banners built into PrestaShop 1.6, there are numerous places to highlight your promotions. Try placing it on the banner at the top of the page, within the rich navigation, or even on the homepage slider.


Start increasing your conversion rate today!
All of these secret tips are completely free features in the latest version of PrestaShop! Take advantage of these built-in features and create a successful, conversion-oriented store with PrestaShop today!

  1. These are good and practical ideas. The one about great photographs is a challenge because of two reasons – one the fact that the photographs themselves have be good. And the second is that in many cases we find the proportion of the image dimensions and that of the theme are different and that makes the going difficult at times.

  2. Author: supamonkey

    Date: April 4, 2014 at 8:04 am

    I cant say these are “secrets” as the heading suggests, but definitely good advice to those that dont know :)

  3. Excellent tips. 1 extra one, remove pagination. Helps SEO and mobile experience as there the is no page reload.

  4. Wondeful Tips! These tips can definitely be used for beginners or veteran online shops to help conversions. I have been designing websites and offering online marketing for a few years now, and conversions is by far the biggest challenge I have, I am sure most would agree with me too that conversion is not an easy first hurdle out of the many hurdles before you make your first sale.

    But recently I have been trying some A/B testing, and I found that out two of my main online businesses, when both are put on Adwords, only one converts. Although we can argue that yes they sell totally different products and services, but I saw that one converts and the website doesn’t.

    I firmly believe now that the one that does convert really only does so because of the shopping experience, mainly from the shopping cart being embedded in the main site and leads the customer to choose packages and the payment is however made on Paypal.

    The website that doesn’t convert just has product in Buy it Now buttons and although payment for these are made on the PayPal website too, the products don’t get added to any cart and the website doesn’t have a cart.

    Has anyone had this experience too? Any secrets/tips?


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