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US and Canadian credit card processing: increasing your store’s efficiency

It’s a fact.  The online shopping scene is rapidly evolving: the number of online stores and buyers is rising; more sophisticated and powerful e-commerce tools are being developed; the advent of m-commerce – smartphones and tablets changing the way people shop; the increasing need to go wireless and allow customers to shop anywhere, anytime! You simply can’t afford to let your business lag behind.

In our quest to improve our online offering, satisfy our customers and manage the complexity of it all, it’s key to select an optimal and simplified payment solution that will make it easy for your customers to purchase – by offering a wide array of payment options – on your online store and for you to manage the back-end.


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PrestaShop Hackathon – Design the future of ecommerce for a chance to win 10,000€!

Attention all PHP developers – PrestaShop launches an Ecommerce Hackathon!

Design the future of ecommerce in 24 hours. Ready for the challenge?

Join us in Paris at EEMI, l’Ecole Européenne des Métiers de l’Internet (European School for Internet Professions), beginning at 9:00AM May 24th. You will work alongside other talented developers to see who comes out head! Drinks, food, and Internet will be provided. Just bring your computer, talent and – most importantly – your creativity!

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Ecommerce Case Study: A look at Harry Fay’s Successful Mother’s Day Social Media Campaign

Mother’s Day is one of the most important ecommerce shopping dates. It’s a time when children worldwide purchase gifts to show their love and appreciation for their Mums. Harry Fay is a UK based jewelry boutique – and PrestaShop merchant – who wanted to capitalize on those Mother’s Day gift purchases.

Harry Fay first considered a “Mother’s Day” Campaign with Google AdWords. They however, found the market to be oversaturated thus opting for a social media campaign instead. Their goal? Grow a substantial social media following to later convert into shoppers. Two weeks into their campaign they grew their social media base by 5400%. See how this PrestaShop merchant ran their successful social media campaign.

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Meet PrestaShop in Montreal!

For the first time, PrestaShop is participating at eCom Montreal – the only exhibition in Quebec dedicated to ecommerce! On April 24th, this 4th exhibition will host 750 professionals from the fields of ebusiness, web, digital marketing, and communications. eCom Montreal will present the latest trends in technology as well as the evolution of consumer behavior.

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Card acceptance for UK online stores made easy

Many small businesses are still reluctant to accept credit and debit card payments on their online store, being somewhat intimidated by the process. And it is easy to understand why: getting a merchant account application processed and accepted can prove to be quite a daunting and lengthy task, and the possibility that your request will be declined is always a concern.


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Ecommerce 101: 25 Terms Every Online Merchant Should Know

As technology advances, words are created to describe new ideas and concepts. Having trouble keeping up with all these new technological words? Don’t worry! Today we’re helping you build your ecommerce vocabulary with 25 terms every online merchant should know.

We’re simplifying and demystifying these words to introduce the language of ecommerce. Soon you’ll understand all these fancy ecommerce jargon and shortened abbreviations.

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PrestaShop World Tour: Landed in Australia, an E-commerce Paradise!

Australia is 12th largest economy in the world and one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets. There was no way we couldn’t make a stop in Australia!

We had the great pleasure of meeting Stuart, the entrepreneur behind InFrontTech, the security company based in Sydney.

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25 Simple Ideas to make your First Sale Online

You’ve poured your heart and soul into uploading products, writing product descriptions, and configuring your online store. You are now rewarded with an ecommerce site that is open for business. But what now? How do you go about getting your first customer? Where do you look and what should you do? We’re presenting 25 simple ideas to make your first sale online.

We’re encouraging you to try new tactics online, use social media, and promote in person. Take these small steps to make a leap towards your first online sale.

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